Hosting Your Website

What To Know

There are many web hosting companies out there for your to look at when choosing your host. Many will say they know what you need, but they may not have the technology to give you the best service. While many of the options which will make your hosting experience better are optional, you should know about them and what they can do to make your experience not just the best it can be, but cutting edge.


While all hosts will have a certain amount of security built in, they may not have the best options for your hosting experience. One thing everyone should have is a SQL Certificate. This simple thing will help your customers trust you have a secure website they can give their information to. This also will protect you from getting hacked as much as other websites may. While this isn’t new, its still something valuable for your business.

Design Options

what_makes_a_good_website_resizeSome hosts give you access to different templates for your website. These may be anything from simple color options to full templates with storefront capabilities. These options are normally in the hosting part of your website. If you are unsure how to get to it, you can contact your provider. These options are typically hard to get rid of once they are added to a website, so users should keep that in mind. A great website builder is with Dynadot. Their style editor allows you to create a unique site with customizable settings for fonts, colors, transparencies and page configurations


Subdomains are useful for those that want to add a blog or other addition to the website. These domains function off of the main one, but give a designated address for a certain part of your website. If you are unable to add a blog through the design of your website, you have this option. You can also add a storefront to your website without it being the main page this way if you like. These are only options and are up to you and how you want to design your website from the back end.


You can use programs to code your website from the back end. This is normally for those who have been doing it for a long time and know how to code well. Coding can be difficult for those new to web hosting and design to master. If you want something in particular for your site, but are not sure how to do it, you can hire a coder to help you or you can get a book on coding and attempt to do it yourself. That’s something you will need to see if you want to do yourself or not.

creating-perfect-websitesThere are many things you can do with a hosting package for your website. These are ust a few basic things. If you want to make sure your website is hosted well and you are getting the most from it, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you or research the different things you can do with it on your own. This way you will be able to understand what the hosting backend is and how it can serve you the best.